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SPA & Wellness

Thanks to our exotically scented SPA & Wellness treatments You can feel like You are on holidays. We implement both: modern technology and wisdom of Nature. Our treatments filled with beautiful scents hidden in our cosmetics work miracles for Your skin and senses, protecting against free radicals, regenerating, restoring and rebuilding elasticity and long-standingly moisturizing. They provide You with many precious vitamins and minerals. Special therapy programmes individually tailored for each of our Clients give them the improved overall appearance, relax and full satisfaction.

The Dreams' Pyramide - 200 pln
Treatment using DermoMassage - guarantees cellulite reduction and body contouring, smoothens scars and stretch marks as well as improves circulation and makes You relaxed.
Needleless Mesotherapy - 180 pln
Supports fat reduction and fight against cellulite. Reduces body-perimeters (2 - 4 cm after each treatment).
Anticellulite Iron - 200 pln
Treatment including unique combination of three energies: chromotherapy, vacuum massage and electrostimulation. Aiming at slimming effects, cellulite reduction and body firming.
Lipodermology - 180 pln
The treatment breaks down advanced cellulite deposits, activates lymph system, detoxicates and brings quick results within a short time
Treatments including the SPA capsule - 220 pln
These treatments guarantee improvement of structure elasticity and skin colour. They activate senses, boosting and increasing the blood and lymphatic circulation, at the same time decreasing muscle tone. They eliminate toxins restoring the physical and mental balance. The SPA capsule supports loosing weight, reduces cellulite and strengthens the immune system in the whole body.
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam sauna & Aromatherapy
  • LED Chromotherapy
  • Vibration massage
  • Vichy shower
Optionally including peloid, algae or parafin wraps.
Bust firming treatments - 70 pln
Body detox - 60 pln
Eliminates heavy metals and toxins from the organism

- classic massage - whole body (60 minutes) - 80 pln
- slimming and anti cellulite (legs, buttocks belly) - 60 pln
- classic back and neck (30 minutes) - 50 pln
- with glass balls and relaxing-aromatherapeutic - 30-60 pln
- with hot stones whole body (60 minutes) - 120 pln
- with herbal stamps (60 minutes) - 130 pln
- with sesame stamps (60 minutes) - 130 pln
- with jadeite sticks and elements of digitopuncture - 80 pln
- for pregnant women - 80 pln
- with brushes - 80 pln
- lympho-drainage whole body - 80 pln
- ayurvedic - 100 pln
- abhanaga - 120 pln
- udvartana - 120 pln
- garshana - 180 pln
- shirudara - 100 pln
- with bamboo sticks - 130 pln
- gua-sha - 140 pln
- with candle (60 minutes) - 120 pln
- with bamboo sticks (60 minutes) - 100 pln
- with honey (60 minutes) - 100 pln

Exotic rituals based on the Far East culture will take You on a fascinating and exciting journey. Feel it with all Your senses and give Yourself to dreams...
- The Kiss of the wave (90 min.) - 200 pln
- Harem's delight (90 min.) - 200 pln
- The Geisha's Ritual (90 min.) - 200 pln
- At Maharaja's (90 min.) - 200 pln

Slimming treatments for Ladies and Gentlemen

Suggested therapies reduce fatty tissue and cellulite, improve elasticity, moisturization, skin colour and work anti-aging.
Oasis of senses - 130 pln
Coffee peeling, massage, algae in a thermal blanket
The Golden Ray of Ra - 140 pln
Sugar peeling, ampule or gel with gold, ultrasound or massage, Kashmir mask

optionally the treatment can be carried out in the SPA capsule - 220 pln
Cleopatra's chocolate Relax - 130 pln
Sugar peeling, slimming body mask or balm, massage

optionally the treatment may include slimming bandages
Ocean tide - 130 pln
Sea peeling, serum, kaviar gel, massage
Red wine - 120 pln
peeling, ultrasounds, body contour gel, balm including extract from red wine
Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Podlaskiego na lata 2007 - 2013
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podlaskiego - Instytucja Zarządzająca RPOWP