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Surgitiron Dual RF S5 ™ - system supporting many surgical treatments, among others used to the non-ablative treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles and sagging. The device very precisely delivers the energy to the skin tissue thanks to the advanced radiowave technologies of high frequency, stimulating collagen contraction without damaging epidermis. Perfect for Beauty salons and cliniques. (www.pelleve.pl)

VelaShape ™ - this is a very secure nad effective medical system created by the Israeli company Syneron, based on the unique technologies vela and elos. It is the only device making it possible to simultaneously reduce centimeters and cellulite on areas like thighs, abdomen and buttocks with visible effects in a short time. Moreover it normalizes the skin after liposuction treatments or childbirth relieving pain and muscle tone. Used in the medicine and aesthetic medicine this device is effective and infallible thanks to applying for different energy sources: infrared (IR), negative pressure (VAC - vacuum), endermologie massage (lipo-massage), RF stream. VelaShape has the approval and certificates from FDA (US Food& Drug Administration) and CE (Symbol of EU Product Security) clearing the device as safe and effective for all skin types and colors and in field of reducing cellulite and unwanted centimeters in the fatty areas of our body.

IPL Chromolite S ™ - produced in Great Britain by Chromogenem the device has also got both CE and FDA certificates, respected world-widely and guaranteeing the effectiveness of the device. The one and only technology Smartlite provides fast, non-invasive hair removal for most skin types and hair colours as well as vascular and pigmented lesions. We can also perform the photorejuvenation treatment, warming up fibroblasts in order to invigorate the collagen and ellastin systhesis, which improves Your skin condition. Chromolite S enables also to fully get rid of acne lesions.

Injection Pen ™ - jmeans secure injection system guaranteeing precise and controlled application of dermal fillers and rejuvenating products. We can set up speed, volume, flow tempo and adjust it to the product density. This procedure significantly reduces pains perceived by the patients during injection.

Detox System Professional ™ - Today almost all know, that the human body generates electrical impulses. The use of controlled electrical currents to treat various ailments, is widely used and scientificly accepted. This extraordinary equipment use this principle. Detox System Professional® is a treatment of the body at the cellular level. Hydrogen ions stimulate cell membrane to regain energy. This makes the cell return to it's optimal form, and thus vital functions such as toxin excretion, nutrient absorption, etc, run correctly. Treatments stimulate every single cell which improves the function of the whole organism. It was designed to strengthen the body and the reduction of toxins and that may help: weight loss, circulation, food allergies, menstrual pain, arthritis, functioning of the kidneys and liver and poor metabolism, to name but a few. This unique device has been granted the certificate from The Baltic Health Promotion Council: the first place in the category of body detox devices. (www.body-detox.pl)

SPA Capsule - Ultimate holistic combination of therapies strengthening the health system, which gives You the healthy appearance, relax and organism balance as well as the optimal skin structure, color and elasticity. During the single session we can burn up to 1000 calories. The treatment may involve:

  • Infrared & steam sauna - provides toxin excretion
  • LED chromotherapy - supporst regaining physical and mental balance, trats insomnia and fatigue
  • Vibration massage - stimulates circulation, facilitates lymph flow, relaxes muscle tension
  • Hydro massage - variable temperature and water pressure guarantee refreshing and relax

Needleless Mesotherapy ™ - non invasive and painless cosmetic procedure of the intradermal delivery of active substances. This is a combined therapy using the ultrasound waves and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) along with the medical cocktail of active substances. This treatment can be applied to face, eye area and body. It smoothens, moisturizes and oxygenates the skin, at the same time supporting other anti-cellulite and fat slimming treatments.

Anticellulit Iron ™ - multifunctional device operating with three treatment techniques, which simultaneously support muscles, skin and lymphatic system:

  • electrostimulation TENS - strengthens and firms muscles, remodelates the body
  • vacum massage (lipodermology) - firms and lifts such areas as breast or buttocks, stimulates blood circulation and transport of nutrients, reduces water retention activating lymph flow and circulation, facilitates toxin and liquids excretion
  • chromotherapy - rejuvenates the skin, helps increase collagen production, calms the skin and improves the skin condition

Cellulogy - is the combination of the mechanical massage together with the precisely regulated negative pressure. In the massage head there are special rollers spinning around and massaging the sucked part of the skin. It is a perfect method of reducing cellulite and swellings. It facilitates detoxification of the whole organism eliminating the so called "heavy legs".

Microdermabrasion - the method of controlled mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis layers in order to achieve desired effects: smoothing and refreshing the colour, brightening blemishes, enhancing the absorption of cosmetics, stimulating cell rebuild.

Ultrasounds - (sonophoresis) is the way of supplying active substances deep into the skin using special ultrasound heads. The required effect depends on the applied substances and nutrients.

Cavitation - means quick and painless skin cleaning without the traditional "squeezing". It is the perfect and secure alternative for those, who have sensitive complexion or thread veins.

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