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hairdressing services

In our salon we offer You the full range of hairdressing services. We always stay up to date with the world trends in hair cutting and colouring. Our staff continuously enhances their skills and qualifications participating in professional workshops and shows.

Men's and ladies' hair cutting using different techniques, for all beauty types. We'll advise You on the best haircut matching Your style-may it be classic or avant-garde.

Men's cut

15-20 pln

Ladies' cut

25-50 pln

Ladies' cut with styling

50-70 pln

Fringe haircut

10 pln

Hair wash

10 pln


30-50 pln

Hair straightening

20-40 pln

Permanent straightening - in a smooth way it straightens curly hair, reducing the excessive volume, which facilitates daily care.

100-150 pln

Permanent waves

80-100 pln

Hair extensions and thickening

from 10 pln for each stripe

Braids of plaited hair

1000-1500 pln


Hairstyles for every occasion:


Wedding hair-up

110-150 pln

Event hair-up

80-110 pln

Hair pinning

80-100 pln

Waves, curls

70-80 pln


Hair colour:


Hair colour - 1 colour

90-140 pln

Hair colour and highlights

100-170 pln


80-100 pln

Balayage - 1 colour (+ 10pln for each New colour))

90-170 pln


40 pln

Hair repigmentation - restoring the natural colour to dyed fair hair

100 pln



Hairs are essential part of our beauty and each professional hairdresser knows it. No wonder, that dry, breaking and matte hairs are a justified cause for sorrows. However, thanks to our treatments and reliable products You can get rid of all these problems!

We recommend treatments with GOLDWELL Inner Effect products, which deliver lipids and proteins to the inside of hair. It gives the hair great volume, elasticity and flexibility as well as moisturizes and actively protects the colour. It also eliminates dandruff, itching, skin irritation and prevent from hair loosing.


Goldwell inner effect Treatments

40-50 pln

Hair and scalp care
  • moisturization
  • regeneration
  • hair loss prevention
  • colour protection

30 pln

Treatments for coloured hair

30-50 pln

The treatment aims at keeping dyed hair in good condition and prolong the colour durability


Rebuild treatment

30-50 pln

It rebuilds hair structure, enhances its flexibility and shine. Additionally the treatment refills the hair with ceramides, trengthens and protects the hair in its full length.


Moisturizing treatment

30-50 pln

This treatment moisturizes and smoothens the hair giving it softness and silkness. It restores the hydrolipid balance of both: hairs and skin.


Treatment for hair loss prevention

40-50 pln

This treatment stimulates microcirculation inside the skin and improves the condition of follicles, supporting hair strengthening and re-growing.


Treatment for fatty hair

40-50 pln

This treatment lessens the symptoms of serum secretion by the sebaceous glands. It is also antiseptic and unblocks pores.


Anti-dandruff treatment

30-50 pln

For removing dandruff, clearing and mitigating itching. It brings antifungal and antibacterial effects and prevents from hair loss


Hair Peeling

30 pln

This treatment is designed for damaged and matte hair. It removes the rests of other cosmetics and seals the cuticle layer. It smoothens hair in its full length, prolonging the colour durability.

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